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The work questions the function and use of objects we are familiar with. By modifying existing objects, the work presents itself in a familiar language that a viewer understands. Beyond the immediate glance, it begins to break down a convention of the object as we know it. It proposes an alternate view of something which exposes a dialogue towards a subverted application. As this surrogated function moves forward, it reveals a conversation questioning the underpinnings of the world around us.


We often view the place we live in to be a stable, educated, and safe place to live. Perhaps this comes out of chosen ignorance to put off tomorrow’s problems in order to feel secure within out daily lives. The reality of our situation can sometimes be hard to see, or it can be quite obvious. It may take looking at information in a different way, dissecting words, actions and motives. This work moves viewers to question information presented, whether it be the body of work itself or information received outside of a gallery entirely.


Themes of marketing, capitalism, currency, propaganda and campaigning are all present in the work. Each of these should be carefully listened to and scrutinized. The larger population should be entitled to free and unbiased information in order to make their own decisions and cast their vote whether it be with a ballot or with currency. Indoctrination leads to a corrupt force of power safe from the system of checks and balances. The work works to break down generally accepted information to the viewer and have them carry a similar thought process on analyzing information presented as fact that ought to be questioned.

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